Giving a conference to other students. - is not a simple work.
I found that the experience of sharing your knowledge with others is very grateful. At the beginning I had a lot of fears that they will not pay attention that they will ot take it seriously and in fact I was very nervous. There were some students  that didn’t care at all what we were talking about and others that listened but  I wasn’t sure if they were receiving the information or not. Now I can understand why teachers are always asking us to give our opinions and ask questions! That is the only way in which you can discover if they are receiving the information. 

The conference was given to students of the “Universidad Internacional del Ecuador”
from the Biology class. While talking about the meaning of culture of peace and
the difference between cultures of adversarialism everyone seemed to agree. But
there is something important to notice that when we asked them what they will
choose as an option: to be part of the adversarialism, to fight against it, to
run away… they very convinced answer that they will run away. Maybe this is also
a reaction that they have because of their passion to nature that they prefer to
  hide in the jungle rather than face the problems of humanity. Still it was
pretty disappointing.

When you introduce a new subject specially one as controversial as the culture of peace
  it is very common that you will not be taken seriously. I realized that we all
  know that the culture of adversarialism is wrong and that living in violence
  and conflict is not the human nature, but still even if we know it we are used
  to digest it as a normal conduct. This is what needs to be changed! Also during
  the activities I realized that for us, humans is very difficult to cooperate,
especially in our occidental culture, we have been raised to compete and to
achieve our own objectives for our own benefits and it is very difficult to
change the switch to a culture of cooperation among beings.

The activity was fun. To add up we had a very good experience, with the exception of
some members of the group that were not open to take our ideas, but still they
didn’t gave us any trouble other than avoid making comments and participating. I
was very confortable giving the conference, I think that especially because I
like the subject, it makes me very enthusiastic and I really belief that we need
to work more towards a culture of peace. It is important to continue with
  initiatives like this and try to create more awareness especially among the
  young people that are the future of the world. 

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