Manufacturing consent around the world is represents by mass media, manipulating information to the interests of politics and economics and the small group of people that poses the world. Manufacturing consent is the revolution in democracy as it says on the video, it is the essence of democracy. 

“Propaganda is to democracy as violence is to dictatorship”

It is the consent of the political class, the educates people that play a role on economics and politics. And there is the other major part of the population that is made to follow orders and that is limited to receive all the information that the mass media provides. 

Who is doing it? The bigger firms; the big media companies that are the ones that set the framework, companies such as the New York Times, NBC, among others. They have the worlds information on their hands they decide how to manipulate it to achieve the wanted effect among

All this that we have been talking about affects any move towards building a culture of peace because everything is being manipulates. The mass media continues to show mostly negative news of violence and conflict. This is what moves politics and what creates a bigger unconscious of reality. The information that we reach is all manipulated and carefully selected. To avoid or help this we should try to have more true media reach the real information before it gets manipulated.

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