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What’s wrong with our world?

What can we do about it?

The important thing is that we have to focus on the fundamental problem that causes other problems in order to get the right answer. Humans are thinking as separate organisms but we haven’t realized that we are all part of a bigger organism. This is were competition rises. The American dream, the wrong thought that wealth equals happiness. But, what happiness? Happiness on the expenses of other people? The basic premises that are thought today such as economy create a separation of humanity from the natural of the species. Having wealth on others expenses. Ones success over the exploitation of others.

There is a natural democracy on species. There is democracy on animals DNA as well as in every living being. We, humans, have the ability to cooperate. Sympathy is our biggest attribute. We naturally respond to the trouble of others and it is in our nature to try to help others that are having a tough time. But, we need to realize that we work better in empathy rather than in separation. We are all connected as part of a grater world. The problem is that we are the cancer of the organism. We take more than what we need. There is a lot of people starving while others have more than what they need.

The mental illness that we have today is flown by consumption, violence and separation. I agree with what the movie said, the best meditation that we need to do now is critical thinking followed by action. Until humans don’t realize that we are a whole living organism and that we have to work together to survive and achieve happiness nothing is going to change. We will never be able to answer the questions stated at the beginning and find a solution to the problems that we have today. We need to create conscience and work as a whole, protect ourselves as well as the environment. 


Manufacturing consent around the world is represents by mass media, manipulating information to the interests of politics and economics and the small group of people that poses the world. Manufacturing consent is the revolution in democracy as it says on the video, it is the essence of democracy. 

“Propaganda is to democracy as violence is to dictatorship”

It is the consent of the political class, the educates people that play a role on economics and politics. And there is the other major part of the population that is made to follow orders and that is limited to receive all the information that the mass media provides. 

Who is doing it? The bigger firms; the big media companies that are the ones that set the framework, companies such as the New York Times, NBC, among others. They have the worlds information on their hands they decide how to manipulate it to achieve the wanted effect among

All this that we have been talking about affects any move towards building a culture of peace because everything is being manipulates. The mass media continues to show mostly negative news of violence and conflict. This is what moves politics and what creates a bigger unconscious of reality. The information that we reach is all manipulated and carefully selected. To avoid or help this we should try to have more true media reach the real information before it gets manipulated.