The “Manifesto de Sevilla” was created in 1989, November 16th. It was created by a group of students concerned with the thought that the human nature and other rules of evolution and biology support the idea that humans are by nature violent and used to live in constant conflict. As we have been studying during our course of Cross Cultural Communication this is by no meanings a law. This document gives 5 different points in science that have been incorrectly used to justify war and violence. For example that human are biologically created to live in violence, or that the evolutionary law and the law of nature implies fighting and living in conflict. As well as the so well known and pronounced survival of the fittest, this is proved to be scientifically incorrect. As human cells are open to violence are also open to peace, depends on the cultural and social environment in which they grow. The learning’s that humans have is what makes them violent, not any biological aspect.  This is what the Manifesto reflects and what we have been studying in our course. I agree with the document. We as humans are open to any kind of behavior but we need to focus our attention on the good manners, on building a culture of peace, on outstanding the good in history and erasing all the violence that we are exposed to.

I leave you with some words of the Manifesto that I liked the most and from which we should all meditate:

“Así como "las guerras empiezan en el alma de los hombres", la paz también encuentra su origen en nuestra alma. La misma especie que ha inventado la guerra también es capaz de inventar la paz.”

As well as “wars start in the humans’ soul”, peace should also find its origins in our soul. The same specie that has invented war is also capable of inventing peace.

If we look at the planet from outside we will see a hole thing, one living organism with different parts that make it wonderful. We are responsible to turn it into that, one living organism. It is time for humanity to raise awareness that we all make part of one planet and as one we should care for the wellbeing of all. Now it is time for us to continue with evolution in our minds and our souls. If we don’t start carrying for the environment this planet our planet will be destroyed, and we are the only ones responsible for that. "If this is your love/care for nature your live will be as short as a snow ball in hell" Peter Russell